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An antique Roman Rose — I refer to the picture, of course.  However, I have been teaching Latin for a very long time. Teachers and students have been kind enough to ask my help on a number of Latin-related topics, and to inquire about my books and the various lesson plans and presentations I have offered from time to time. My lesson plans, and for that matter my books, were written during the various phases of my struggle to bring the ancient and vibrant culture of the Romans into the lives of modern people. The Romans and their language are very much worth our study, but it is sometimes difficult to persuade people to give us some time and space to prove this. In my young teaching days I had a Latin textbook and a great deal of determination and very little else. Since that time many teachers and several wonderful publishing houses have provided materials and inspiration, and the internet has allowed us to share our achievements and frustrations with our peers worldwide. This website is my attempt to share my materials with all who like them at whatever time they want to come and download them. I also want to make some recommendations on available materials which illuminate our chosen field of study especially well. My email address is on this website - I will welcome any comments or questions. I will be adding materials as I create or refine them and adding suggestions as things come to my attention.


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